DOOM 4 Cover


DOOM 4 is a First-Person Shooter about fighting the demonic invasion.  DOOM 4 was an early version of what eventually became DOOM (2016) and included development of multiple levels before ultimately going in a different creative direction.  DOOM 4 was developed by id Software and released in 2016 as simply DOOM.

As an Associate Designer at id Software, I scripted and edited levels in the single-player campaign of DOOM 4 during its Pre-Alpha stage.  Specifically, I scripted the pivotal intro sequence for the Vertical Slice level, as well as assisting on scripting other levels.  I also performed layout clipping for collision, AI navigation, and sound occlusion.  While working on DOOM 4, I had to learn the development tools for the id Tech 5 engine, including a proprietary version of the Radiant Editor called id Studio and a proprietary level scripting API in C++.