Project Overview

DOOM 4 was a first-person shooter about fighting the demonic apocalypse. Developed by id SOFTWARE, DOOM 4 was in development for XBOX 360, PLAYSTATION 3, and PC until 2012. Although unreleased in its original form, DOOM 4 pivoted on its creative direction and would eventually go on to become DOOM (2016).

Role Overview

As an ASSOCIATE DESIGNER at id SOFTWARE, I scripted levels in the unreleased single-player campaign mode of DOOM 4. I was involved during alpha and beta stages on multiple levels. While working on DOOM 4, I learned the development tools for the id TECH 5 game engine, including id STUDIO – their proprietary version of the RADIANT level editor – and SUPERSCRIPT – their proprietary scripting language & API with strict data types and syntax emulating C++.

Role Details

Specifically, here is what I worked on:

2 Unreleased Levels in Beta Stage

– intro cinematic sequence
– collision & audio clipping

4 Unreleased Levels in Alpha Stage

– scripting maintenance

Tutorial Level for User Testing

– layout
– objective scripting

Tools Documentation & Module Levels

– layout
– AI & animation scripting