Inertia Cover


INERTIA is a 2D Platform game about traversing a dangerous environment in zero-gravity.  INERTIA was developed for PC as a student project at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University.  INERTIA became the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner for non-professionals in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge, as well as winning Achievement in Gameplay and Technical Achievement!

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Narration by Adam Sessler


As a student on a team of 5, I designed and edited levels, as well as designed and programmed game mechanics for INERTIA.  I conceived the initial concept of INERTIA and collaborated with my teammates on its creative direction throughout the project.  I implemented the game mechanic for the player ability of “Inertia”: floating and bouncing while weightless.  I created the first level of INERTIA.  While working on INERTIA, I learned the development tools for the TorqueX 2D engine, including Torque 2D Game Builder and the XNA Game Studio API in C#.


I designed and edited LEVEL 1, which introduced players to the core mechanics of INERTIA.  LEVEL 1 teaches players how to combine traditional platforming mechanics with the unique “Inertia” mechanic.

While I didn’t directly work on LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3, I’ve included them to show more of the gameplay which I designed + programmed.


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