Project Overview

INERTIA is a 2D PLATFORM game about traversing a dangerous environment in zero-gravity. INERTIA was developed for PC in 2010 by students at SMU GUILDHALL. INERTIA became the $100,000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER for non-professionals in the 2011 INDIE GAME CHALLENGE, as well as earning TECHNICAL + GAMEPLAY ACHIEVEMENT!

Role Overview

As a DESIGNER and PROGRAMMER on a team of 5 student game developers, I designed and edited levels and also programmed gameplay mechanics for INERTIA. I came up with the initial concept of INERTIA, upon which its creative direction and game design became a team effort. While working on INERTIA, I learned the development tools for the TORQUE X 2D engine, including TORQUE 2D GAME BUILDER and the XNA GAME STUDIO API in C#.

Role Details

Specifically, here is what I worked on:

Gameplay Systems

– INERTIA mechanic (weightless floating + bouncing)


– layout + obstacles
– collectibles
– tutorial hints

Design Documentation

– GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT (gameplay mechanics section)


I designed and edited LEVEL 1, which introduced players to the core mechanics of INERTIA. LEVEL 1 teaches players how to combine traditional platforming mechanics with the unique “INERTIA” mechanic.

LEVEL 2 or 3 are also shown here to showcase more gameplay from INERTIA.


Game Installer