DOOM 4 Cover Resized


DOOM 4 is an upcoming First-Person Shooter about mankind fighting the demon apocalypse.  DOOM 4 is being published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by id Software.  DOOM 4 is currently still in development and has no official release date.

As an Associate Designer at id Software, I scripted levels in the single-player campaign of DOOM 4.  I worked on the game for 11 months during its Pre-Alpha stage, including the development of a Vertical Slice level and multiple playable levels.  I designed and scripted an interactive cinematic sequence for the opening of the Vertical Slice level.  I also assisted in scripting 4 other levels by updating deprecated implementation of cinematic and gameplay events.  I was responsible for clipping the entire layout of 2 levels for sound occlusion, as well as clipping part of a level for player collision and AI pathing.  I designed, built and scripted a tutorial level to support external playtesting.  I programmed a widget to manage a particular particle effect.  And I wrote design tutorials for utilizing several existing widgets.  DOOM 4 was developed in the id Tech 5 game engine, using id Studio (also known as Radiant Editor) as a level editor and C++ as a scripting language.


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