My name is Wayland Fong and I am a Technical Game Designer.  I have a background in both game design and programming, which allows me to bridge the gap between creative and technical disciplines.  I am the product of two academic programs in game development, having graduated from the Interactive Media & Games Division of USC and The Guildhall at SMU.  I made an indie game, Inertia, which became the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner for Non-Professionals in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge.  I have 4 years of professional experience in the game industry, working for such companies as id Software and Heavy Iron Studios.  In that time, I shipped 4 games as a Designer and worked on 2 more.  I am currently the principal designer and programmer of an indie studio called Portmanteau Games.


  • System Design
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Advanced Level Scripting
  • Level Editing
  • Tabletop Prototyping
  • Design Documentation