My name is WAYLAND FONG and I am a TECHNICAL GAME DESIGNER. My background is in game design and computer science, so I can bridge the gap between creative and technological disciplines. I am the product of two academic programs in game development: USC INTERACTIVE MEDIA & GAMES and SMU GUILDHALL. I made a game which was the $100,000 GRAND PRIZE WINNER in the 2011 INDIE GAME CHALLENGE. I have 5 years of professional experience in the game industry, including work on AAA games such as CALL OF DUTY and DOOM.

5’0”, 125 lbs.

Fighting Style
Muay Thai

Personality Type

Fighting Games
1P/3P Shooters
Tabletop Games

Roller Coasters

Special Abilities
Level Scripting & Editing
Game Design & Programming
Tabletop Prototyping